Protecting the nations

Homeland security solutions

Automated Border Control (ABC)

This technology streamlines the process of crossing international borders by using advanced data verification and biometric identification methods. It is  increasingly being used in airports and other border crossing points around the world

Enhanced Border Control

This system is designed to reduce processing times, minimize errors, and offer real-time status updates to applicants, thereby improving satisfaction, compliance rates and the overall integrity of the immigration system

Sensor Network & Geospatial Integration

Uses a variety of sensors, including cameras, drones, ground-based radar, and seismic detectors, to continuously monitor border areas and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide real-time location data.

Facial Recognition & Predictive Analytics

AI-powered cameras can use facial recognition to identify individuals against watchlists or databases, aiding in the prevention of entry by known criminals or unauthorized persons. Predict potential security breaches and alert authorities before they occur, allowing for preemptive action